Welcome to Snugglepaws!

Thank you for your support and interest in buying our uniquely tailored 100% cotton clothing specially designed to protect your child's precious skin.  Our garments are suitable for all skin types, particularly if your little one has sensitive skin that is prone to dry, sore and itchy flare-ups.  What makes our clothing special is that it is Oeko-Tex Standard 100% cotton, which means that the fabric is free from harmful chemicals.  So, whether your child has 'normal' skin or whether they suffer with eczema, psoriasis, or allergy/illness rashes; you can be assured that their skin is surrounded in comfy cotton when they snuggle into Snugglepaws! 

Snugglepaws clothing are tailored with fully enclosed hands and feet mittens

Are you desperately searching for a way to prevent your little 'escape artist' from finding ways to scratch? Our range of soothing 100% cotton clothing may be just the solution. Our unique sleepsuits, long sleeve tops and leggings, feature fully enclosed mittens that prevent your child from wriggling out of their clothes to scratch. This in turn prevents harmful reinfection and breaks the cycle of repeated itching, scratching, itching, scratching etc.

All Snugglepaws garments are made of certified Oeko-Tex cotton, which means that the fabric and its materials have been tested and are free from harmful chemicals, whilst being produced in an environmentally friendly process. The good news is that this material is as soothing and effective as silk but at a fraction of the price.

Choose from our range of comfortable, affordable sensitive skin clothing and give your child a welcome respite from continued scratching. 


***Clearance Sale!!!  50% off Newborn and 0-3mth sizes***