About Us

The history of Snugglepaws began with founder, Nikki and her son Louis... 

"Our story started off as the ultimate dream, the joy of a baby boy turning our world upside down, bringing new meaning to each new day. Then, after a routine immunisation, Louis became very distressed and his inflamed skin reacted in a red, itchy rash. From that moment on, his skin was never the same. We were told that it was a condition called eczema. With no experience of this skin disorder and no family history, we asked ourselves "Why our baby boy?"

As time went on, Louis's itchy skin drove him mad; my husband and I tried to find an eczema relief solution but the stress on us all was exasperating. Whilst it was a difficult time, the result of our search for eczema relief for our child is Snugglepaws. I have developed fun but functional, 100% cotton clothing that has helped to ease the effects of Louis's itchy skin. We hope that our eczema relief solution will bring the same comfort to your child's dry or itchy skin. Whether your child is sleeping, playing or travelling around, Snugglepaws have the perfect clothing to keep them safe and help their skin to heal."

Our Story

We are delighted that Snugglepaws are continuing their range of quality clothing for your extra sensitive little ones. As parents of a 1-and-a-half year old with atopic dermatitis (eczema), we understand how frustrating it can be when finding remedies to relieve the intense discomfort that dry, sore and itchy skin conditions can bring. When emollients weren’t effective enough alone, we resorted to preventing the vicious act of scratching (until bleeding), either by refraining our child’s scratchy hands or by using ankle-highs (which didn’t last when he knew how to pull them off!).  

Eventually, we discovered Snugglepaws after searching for children’s eczema clothing online. The garments are affordable and are made of good quality skin-kind cotton, specially designed for babies and young children. When we read that Chris and Nikki (Snugglepaws’ mother and daughter co-founders) were closing down the business, we just felt that the Snugglepaws products were unmistakably too good to lose. As a result, I have taken on the business to ensure that children and their families, like ours, continue to benefit from the relief that Snugglepaws clothing can bring.  

Kindest regards